In case anyone is interested, here is the speech I wrote for commencement next month, it was too radical :) I will be graduating with a Masters of Education, in Curriculum and Instruction and Ed Tech. I never thought I'd get this far in school. I am so grateful for all the support I've had to complete this degree while working over the last couple of years. Despite the current climate around higher education (given the rise of new tech and an ever changing job outlook), I am humbled by the fact that I was able to work and learn alongside so many teachers and students from all walks of life, and represent my chosen communities.
After over 9 years teaching art in public school I am looking to expand my teaching skills in other realms of education, while also making my art business official. I’ll miss the kids, my fellow teachers and staff but I know I’m making the right decision for myself and family. Even though I won't be in this classroom after June, I know that my love of this profession will carry me into other forms of artistic work, and I will forever be involved in providing art access to students from all walks of life. As I've said in another post, my pot is too small - time to replant. I'll continue building up lessons, experiences, presentations and video via my blog for any teachers/artists or art lovers. Additionally, thanks to CA Dept of Ed and Pearson for hiring me on contract to assess for CAL TPA Art for pre-service teachers this season.
Through training via NAEA, Chibitronics and with financial support from Front Porch Foundation, GATE students at elementary level are exploring building circuitry, lights, coding commands for them and applying their knowledge to the creation of a unique light painting. Used Love to Code Kits, developed by artist Jie Qi.
I’ve always been an outsider.  Comfortable looking but never engaging unless necessary. And I’m a hillbilly. An educated hillbilly is called a hill William as my father always says. I moved a lot growing up and I’ve moved a lot as an adult.  At one point my husband and I moved 11 times in 10 years. But I’ve seen a lot more slivers of the world this way and I’ve never regretted that.
As the first Blog entry on New Year's Eve of 2023, I thought I'd post my newly defended thesis abstract and link to paper to follow. I hope this research can serve as a evidence of the power of collaboration among many people, groups and institutions, and just how much the arts can be a catalyst for positive change in all facets of life.
Group Presentation from NAEA 2023 Convention, San Antonio TX Sarah A Graham, Artist/Educator, BOFG Unified, CSU-Stan CERC/Project Rebound, CA Denise L. Greene, Director of Community Programs, Arts Students League of NY Sheila McGuire, Head of Student and Teacher Learning, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN Leslie Burwell, NBCT Teacher/Arts Dept Chair, Chatham County Schools, NC Brett Henzig, Director of Programming, Artists Working in Education (AWE), WI (audio recording)
Draft art lesson using recycled materials, using the work of Louise Nevelson as a jumping off point to create 3D sculptures while learning about the waste cycle and associated community issues.
Being a teaching artist and site coordinator for William James Association, Prison Arts Project at local state prison prior to, during and post pandemic, until contract and subsequent funding was complete in August of 2022.
Tying together Paint Boxing event and Heart Weaving during COVID with elementary and middle school students to create an object of remembrance of community struggles during the pandemic.
SEL inspired lesson - very adaptable for all ages and mediums
SEL and The Arts ppt and Neurographic Art Lesson for Teachers
Sarah Graham/Tenaya School 6/4/21 SEL CoP Mini Grant – Review All School Field Day Activity - Paint Boxing (Inspired by Japanese artist USHIO SHINOHARA)
Applied for NAEA School for Art Leaders (twice!) and got in just as the pandemic was ramping up. It was an incredible experience in that you get to meet so many other art educators from all walks of life doing amazing things.
Given to Mental Health Coalition teachers at TCSOS, 2018/19
Short video of 3D printing into software via TinkerCad for teachers
Tenaya Elementary 5th graders did an art exchange with International School in Kiev, Ukraine (pre-pandemic, pre-conflict) Students exchanged artwork based on various themes ranging from nationality, history and folklore. Additionally, students were able to record questions via video and send back and forth with students and whole class to gain further info about one another's school, students and artwork.
Practiced art and body movements in the style of Heather Hansen, incorporating STEAM lesson on proportions of the body (looking at Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man) and applying charcoal medium to large scale works individually and in partners (upper elementary and middle school). Talked about grounding the body, breath, symmetry, significance of charcoal as a medium historically, etc... As part of STEAM PD for Teachers, collaborated with yoga/dance instructor to create art lesson for teachers to practice at Outdoor School.
Inspired by Andrea Anderson's Queens of the Mines Podcast and book, I created a series of local women from the Gold Rush Era. A small collection of these illustrations are hung in the General Store in Columbia Historic State Park, Columbia, CA.
Teaching paper marbling techniques, esp. suminagashi is a great way to practice hand eye coordination, color theory and lots of patience. Adding block printing to these unique papers creates one of a kind prints.