Some of the imagery I work with is quite loaded, and could even be described as "heavy handed" at times.  I am looking to use everyday images - some garish, ghoulish, uncomfortable, funny or unusual - to let the viewer create a narrative based on their experience of the art.  The current series is no exception.

Previous series works include large scale woodcuts on recycled watershed and soil taxonomy maps from the western United States, transferred using a jerry-rigged gravel stamper, in lieu of a large printing press.  These pieces comprise aerial photographs of wildfires, cut into so as to create a webbing/netting aesthetic.  Some were encased in plexi to allude to the both micro and macro view of these works of wilderness in science based endeavors.  Other cut pieces used traditional black portraiture paper.  For further works, you can follow my instagram account at sarahthepainter.


Born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of WV and VA, I have lived in GA, OR, UT, PA, ID in my adult life before moving to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California where I currently reside.  I teach art to students of all ages both in studio and in school settings.

House O'Beauty

Utilitarian Design

Tuolumne County Arts Alliance 

Kala Institute

Wingtip Press

The Arts Center

Maude Kerns Art Center